Helium Digital Announces Playmaker LCD Line of Hi-Tech Coaching Boards

July 23, 2018

Mississauga, Ontario - July 23, 2018 - Helium Digital has announced the launch of the Playmaker LCD line of coaching boards. Playmaker LCD - Hockey Edition is the first available, with more sports and sizes to follow;

Playmaker LCD is the evolution of the coaching board. It replaces the need for traditional whiteboards, chalkboards, and erasers. The board's ultra low power consumption provides "always on" power for approximately 1 year using 2 CR2430 watch type batteries. When you are done, a push of the button will instantly erase the board, getting you ready to draw up the next play.

  • 21 inch Liquid Crystal Display
  • Always On, No Charging Required
  • One-Touch Instant Erase
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Ultra thin and Ultra-Light

The 21 inch version of Playmaker LCD- Hockey Edition will have an MSRP of $89.99 and is currently available for sale online at playmakerlcd.com.

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