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3D Tempered Glass for Galaxy S8


When you are looking for the very best, try our line of premium tempered glass screen protection. Tempered glass provides the same feel, functionality, and clarity as the original screen of your device, but with an extra durable layer of protection. 

Why is 3D Curved Tempered Glass important?

3D Curved Tempered Glass provides the ultimate in protection for devices which feature a curved front display. While standard tempered glass screen protectors do a great job of protecting a flat surface area, many of today’s advanced devices feature screens with curvature towards the edge of the device. These devices require a special curved tempered glass screen protector in order to properly cover the entire display area, and provide edge to edge protection for your device. Please note that 3D Curved Tempered Glass may not be compatible with all styles of protective cases on the market today. All of our tempered glass screen protection products carry our "No Bubble Guarantee".

Important Compatibility Note- Helium Digital 3D Curved Tempered Glass is a specially constructed product designed to provide edge to edge protection for the screen of your device. As the product will cover the entire surface area of your screen, it may not be compatible with all protective cases on the market today. When selecting a case to be used in conjunction with this protector please ensure the edges of the screen remain visible even after the case has been installed on the device.


• Edge to Edge Protection
• Ultra-thin .33 mm
• Shatterproof Tempered Glass
• Easy application, no bubbles
• Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Package Contents

1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
1 x Wet Cleaning Tissue
1 x Dust Remover

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